Welcome!  Iam incipio novus acceptus discessio.

Positions (most recent first):

  • Controls Specialist - HVAC / Building Automation (Andover, EcoStruxure with B3s, StruxureWare Lite, I/A with R2 and WPT) - Havel (an Emcor Company)
  • Project Engineer / Leader - Electrical Control Panel Manufacture (~ 2500 in 6 months) - Marengo Fab Steel
  • Systems Tester - Military/FAA Radio Electronics - ITT Corporation Communications Systems (Exelis, now Harris)
  • Independent Contractor - Electrical Control Panel Manufacture (~ 7500 delivered)
  • Electrical Test Engineer - Telecommunications - Lucent Technologies
  • R & D / Senior Engineer - Transit Bus Manufacturer - Flxible Corporation
  • Product Design / Production Support Engineer - Automotive Electronics - Delco Electronics

Synopsis of Experience:  (some images may be expanded)

  • Various microprocessor and PLC controlled projects with programming.
  • Vehicle electrical system integration and multiplexingPLC control and programming, flowcharting.
  • Functional, in-circuit test, troubleshooting of circuit boards and systems.
  • X-ray machine experience for circuit board component solder verification.
  • Extensive use of macro programming in Excel for multitude of uses.  This one tested the software during the writing phase of an update to a VB program.
  • Visual basic programs written to perform useful work.
  • Website experience.
  • Gcode Sequential Engraving written in VB for CNC stepper motor controlled XYZ unit.
  • System level testing of Military and FAA radio applications.
  • Management/manufacture of contracting assignment (8 years, ~ 10,000 units delivered of various UL listed electrical control panel configurations).  Designed and programmed cable testing unit using Basic Stamp 2 as the core (thousands of cables tested successfully).
  • in process for HVAC and Building Automation (as time permits).
  • simple macro I wrote years ago to help my son with one of his jobs.  The current update (September 2013)  automatically uploads to the internet if a connection is available (for viewing by smart phone).

Programming Languages Used:
  • Machine/Assembly (college and before).
  • PLM80, Basic, Visual Basic, Excel VB Macros.
  • Labview Trained.
  • Ladder Logic.
  • Briefly Touched Upon Netbeans, PHP, MySQL, ASP, Wordpress, and others.
  • Plain English.
  • Lua.

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Solar and Wind Technologies
  • Tesla (inventions and patents)
  • Wireless
  • Web Pages (chronological)
    1. Personal 
    2. Business - no longer active (since January 2011)
    3. Multiple
    4. America (August 2010)
    5. America  (WP4.5 - May 2016)

Graduated from: 

  • Purdue University - Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology


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